Players fill in their Stats during the competition and return to the coach on completion.

STATCARDS are printed and given to the Players prior to a MATCH or TOURNAMENT.

Player Names , Course Played and Hole-by-Hole Par is automatically placed from Popup Lists.

This information is added prior to a competition. ​Here we have added Opponent Information.

Click on the TEAM SUMMARY above to learn how to set GOALS and choose the STATS you want to track.

Course Information is Added to the COURSES Worksheet.

StatMasterGolf allows for 85 School Names with 15 Players for each Opponent School.

The COURSES sheet allows for information for up to 100 courses to be added.

All of this information is then available on Popup Lists whenever a MATCH or TOURNAMENT is played.

The OPPONENTS Page is used to list all Opponent School Names and Player Names.